Reflection On My Process

Wow! What a great experience this has been. I learned so much about myself this month. I’m such a perfectionist and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to give my all this month with my assignments… in TWO classes.

But, I was wrong… My great organization and research skills came in handy to help me stay on task and find the information that I needed. I can definitely give myself a pat on the back for those two. I used to say my OCD was a bad thing but, this month it was great for me and helped immensely with making sure I had completed all of my tasks and assignments. I use to think my perfectionistic mindset was a bad thing too but, it helped me out this month with making sure what I turned in had excellent quality. I can definitely see how I improved in the areas or organization and completion this month and I will definitely keep that going forward. Those two things use to hold me back… all of the time. My imagination and solution skills are pretty great too. I’ll be able to use those as I finish my degree this year and in the future in business projects for work.

I thought I had so many challenges to face and overcome but, I only ended up having two: Myself and the abrupt schedule change I just had this week (but, for the entire month I held it down and got everything on time).

I wil say this, speaking with my instructor as soon as I saw the challenge was a great move on my part. If I had not done so I doubt that i would have made it out so well this month. She encouraged me by telling me that she had done it. I believe in listening to those that have gone before me and I listened to her and took all of her advice and I am seeing the proof of my efforts. I finished all the assignments for my 2nd class on yesterday and this class no today… and it’s not due until Sunday. I am ecstatic to be going into Spring Break to actually have a break (from school, the rest of my life still goes on). After failing my last class due to so much happening in that short month of February, I almost gave up on graduating. But, I am refocused and ready to go … this weeks break will also give me time to do something fun for myself like get a mani/pedi, get my hair done or just enjoy an entire bottle of wine while I catch up on my favorite shows.

The process of creating my final campaign just came together with the help of staying on top of each assignment. It was all there for me, all I had to do was -my best at each assignment- and completing my final was just as easy as me eating an entire jar of Talenti (Southern Butter Pecan) in one setting.

There are always things that a company can improve on if they look at the areas that they are failing (which means not excelling) in. In the same way, the solution to problems are also there and though they may be tedious or cause the need for a dedicated department, in the end the results will be amazing.


I definitely know and understand that I am still in the right place for my career and though I left my job this month, I know that the right opportunity will present itself and I will be ready to conquer and excel at it as I move forward into my career as an Internet marketer.

Wow, I’m so proud of myself. I don’t normally toot my own horn but, I rocked this month despite everything that happened.



Introduction of My Chosen Social Media Channels

Verizon customers are diverse in how they operate. Some of them  visit a store or call customer service to do everything. But, others may only go online to handle all of their business. While the rest of them just get their bill in the mail and send in a check. Whatever their choice, they still may not be aware of the new plans, devices and services that Verizon has. There is a need to reach those customers that aren’t aware about the message Verizon is trying to convey about switching to the new simpler plans. Verizon needs to reach each person wherever they are.

Distributing the information in a bold, fresh and easy way to numerous platforms for a long term period will ensure successful distribution of the content to all customer outlets. This will cure the majority if not all of the customer communication blocks. Maybe they don’t have their password and can never get through to a person, may they have a situation that disallows them to get into a store. Maybe their lives are so complex and busy that the last thing on their mind is to take the time out of their day to connect with a person. We have to cater to each situation differently instead of in the same manner in order to reach each customer archetype and demographic.

There are five specific channels that will be used for distribution of the Bill Review deliverable. Just using one is not going to work to reach the masses.

The first deliverable will be via an ad (Bill Insert) and the second will be a graphic on their My Verizon landing page after they sign in. Verizon will continue to display the information on the new plans by reusing content that already exists. There will be a need to reach out to other outlets to link them back to the website, store or calling in to customer service to reaffirm:

  1. The Verizon Credo of focusing outward on the customer and
  2. That Verizon is the Best wireless company

This will be done through social media with the third, fourth and fifth deliverables using: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Using these three channels will help Verizon to create content, establish a community and then engage with the community in conversation about the new plans. Social media is the place that people come to first to vent and display and express their dissatisfaction. Social media distribution will resonate with the demographic and get the message out about the new Verizon plans – and most importantly about the products and services offered by the brand.

Each channel will be using QR codes for email, text and direct callbacks to gain the focus of millennials, baby boomers and other generations.

Instagram will allow the capability to get human interactions and stories out using successful customer in-store interactions. This will give Verizon the capability to show the rest of the customer base a story with real life simple photographs, videos and a few words/hashtags directly from the customer. For Twitter, there will be tweets and hashtags and use of the QR codes – that will be used to get a follow by Verizon and get an appointment setup via direct message.

On Facebook, all deliverables will be displayed on rotation. This will allow the Verizon customer base to be able to see the ads, QR codes, read up on all of the pertinent information and join the community discussion.

Verizon has come a long way in the world of Wireless, developing into a Technology company that offers more than “just” wireless. But, focusing on the base of the brand is where Verizon will continue to grow and gain access to other industries that their current customer base invests in. By using the website, mailers, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reaffirm the Verizon Credo and that they are the Best out there there will be a continuous circle of conversion by linking the messages back to each specific channel over and over again. Completing a full life cycle of a successful marketing campaign and bringing it all back to the storefront via in store visit or via phone call connection to Customer Service.

Tuesday is my last day as an employee at Verizon (insert sad faces and tears here)… but, I will still be a customer, believer and brand evangelist for them… #VerizonIsGreat

Introduction of My Content Deliverable

Wow, so I’m totally excited to try and attempt to create content for Verizon. I used to run the social media page for my store, I say “used to” because I gave them my two week notice last week on Tuesday. You know how you tell a job I can work everyday but Saturday and they make you work Saturdays… well it happened to me and I’m not down for that. Especially when I told you in my cover letter, my interview, my job acceptance letter and I’m available Sunday – Monday 8am – 5pm. In my previous class, that I didn’t do so well in, I had to discuss a company (Verizon) and a problem (disgruntle employees) and figuring out how to solve it. I have to take that class again, and my take on it will be totally different. One of Verizon’s main goals is to have happy employees so that the employees can take care of the customers. Humph…

As I was saying before I got off tangent, I am excited to create content for Verizon because I was never allowed to create anything unless it came from corporate and even then, they didn’t want me posting anything and wouldn’t provide us with things that we could post. It was mostly filled with employees and their sales escapades. So this will be fun!

For my content deliverable, I am choosing the Bill insert.

Bill Review Campaign

I am choosing this deliverable because:

  1. It will be easier for me to execute for class as opposed to the infographic and the Social Media campaign.
  2. I love things that involve graphic design and the ability to use my tools that I rarely get to use.

Okay, now on to why I am choosing the deliverable for Verizon because that is who matters most, not me.

We will use a vibrantly designed bill review insert and a digital version for the website and social media channels, that will have a QR Code and an easy 4 digit text to number and text code for customers to use to ask for a review of their account. This will enable customers that are not on the the new Verizon Plan to see if they will save money by switching to a plan that fits their needs. Some clients are on unlimited plans but, if they are not using the data, the point in being on the plan is only benefiting them if they are actually using a lot of data. This bill insert campaign will also work for customers on the Verizon plan to see if they have any available upgrades or promotions that they might not know about as of yet.

There is only one thing that customers care about other than their service, and that’s thier bill… Having a cheaper bill allows them the capability to do more with their money. Most of the time when a customer comes in to the store. On average when we ask customers if they would like their accounts reviewed to see if they can save money they all answer yes. Not one has ever told me no. I am required to ask all service customers if they would like their accounts reviewed. I surveyed this data for an entire week and I always ended up either saving money for the customer, informing them of information they didn’t know and/or showing them new products that would fit their needs – which was also helping out the company with new gross gains and more. Putting the campaign on social media, the website and in their bill inserts/My Verizon account page will allow us to give them quick easy ways to get this information. In this world of fast food, everything has to be great, fast and easy.

This Bill Review Campaign will benefit the customers of Verizon across the board and that will in turn reinforce our core values of focusing outward on the customer and providing them great service and customer experiences.


Who Am I?

It’s said that we are the sum of our experiences and I apply that very philosophy to my work. From childhood I excelled in both mathematics and the arts. Despite the challenging environment of abuse and early independence that I grew up in, I went on to get my certification in Electronics, obtained an Associates degree in Information Technology (focused on Database Management and Web Design) while in the US Air Force working as an active duty Communications Supervisor. The Air Force is also where I developed my self taught craft in web design and became an eight year veteran. Since leaving the military I started my Bachelors degree in Internet Marketing and I’m almost finished, I received a certification in Media Communications and I’m interested in obtaining training in the areas of Video Editing, Creative Writing, Interior Design, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Theatre/Acting and Esthetics… yes, all of that! I apply discipline and honesty to create a perfect balance of right brain/left brain approach to style, design and project execution expertise.

I have major Klout because I tweet and post more than I talk on the phone and I’m a butterfly in the Social Media world. I continuously use my own personal strategy of “The Four C’s to Social Marketing” to stay adept at using emerging media to build brand exposure, consumer awareness, and customer relationships and engage in reputation management.

My philosophy is this… “Obstacles, challenges and hardships serve as the catalyst to growth, determination and success.”I find that sometimes I forget this and have to be reminded of it.

I believe that this progressive mindset helps me to encourage my peers, clients and others to move forward and become un-stuck. This includes working with young girls and women that have been compromised sexually and/or emotionally to help them change how they see themselves, find their own passions/purposes and how to follow their dreams… just like I did and continue to do.

My brand of choice is… insert drum roll here…

This month I am in two classes and I will wake up each morning and encourage myself despite the stresses of life that I encounter. My next few blog posts will focus on the Content Strategy, Development and Marketing class with the great Genon Murray! I hope to learn more about:

How to find the right strategy for my company of choice – Verizon; How to create and distribute relevant and  valuable content to Verizon’s target audiences; How to assess which channels I should use to reach our audiences, And finally – How to evaluate the success of each marketing strategy.

I currently work for Verizon where we support all kinds of devices… but, I love Apple. So which one should be my focus? Can it be both? Well kinda but, not really. I will focus on Verizon because I have access to so much of it and maybe I’ll focus my ads on our Apple products to appease my love of Apple products. I became a Verizon customer back in 2010 and was previously with T-Mobile for ten years before that. I was tired of dropped calls and of not being to legitimately have an Apple phone in my possession on their network. Things have sense changed for them in regards to access to Apple products but, I am still faithful to the Verizon brand. Because now that I am here, it doesn’t matter how much my bill is… I stay because my service is reliable and always on the cutting edge of technology. I started working for them one day after the General Manager asked me to apply for a job. I said yes, did it and the rest is her-story, or my story.

My goal is to take all that I have learned in this class and all of my other classes (both past and future) to help me gain the Marketing position that I want within Verizon. This is why I am here and this is why I am doing what I am doing.