Who Am I?

It’s said that we are the sum of our experiences and I apply that very philosophy to my work. From childhood I excelled in both mathematics and the arts. Despite the challenging environment of abuse and early independence that I grew up in, I went on to get my certification in Electronics, obtained an Associates degree in Information Technology (focused on Database Management and Web Design) while in the US Air Force working as an active duty Communications Supervisor. The Air Force is also where I developed my self taught craft in web design and became an eight year veteran. Since leaving the military I started my Bachelors degree in Internet Marketing and I’m almost finished, I received a certification in Media Communications and I’m interested in obtaining training in the areas of Video Editing, Creative Writing, Interior Design, Culinary Arts, Cosmetology, Theatre/Acting and Esthetics… yes, all of that! I apply discipline and honesty to create a perfect balance of right brain/left brain approach to style, design and project execution expertise.

I have major Klout because I tweet and post more than I talk on the phone and I’m a butterfly in the Social Media world. I continuously use my own personal strategy of “The Four C’s to Social Marketing” to stay adept at using emerging media to build brand exposure, consumer awareness, and customer relationships and engage in reputation management.

My philosophy is this… “Obstacles, challenges and hardships serve as the catalyst to growth, determination and success.”I find that sometimes I forget this and have to be reminded of it.

I believe that this progressive mindset helps me to encourage my peers, clients and others to move forward and become un-stuck. This includes working with young girls and women that have been compromised sexually and/or emotionally to help them change how they see themselves, find their own passions/purposes and how to follow their dreams… just like I did and continue to do.

My brand of choice is… insert drum roll here…

This month I am in two classes and I will wake up each morning and encourage myself despite the stresses of life that I encounter. My next few blog posts will focus on the Content Strategy, Development and Marketing class with the great Genon Murray! I hope to learn more about:

How to find the right strategy for my company of choice – Verizon; How to create and distribute relevant and  valuable content to Verizon’s target audiences; How to assess which channels I should use to reach our audiences, And finally – How to evaluate the success of each marketing strategy.

I currently work for Verizon where we support all kinds of devices… but, I love Apple. So which one should be my focus? Can it be both? Well kinda but, not really. I will focus on Verizon because I have access to so much of it and maybe I’ll focus my ads on our Apple products to appease my love of Apple products. I became a Verizon customer back in 2010 and was previously with T-Mobile for ten years before that. I was tired of dropped calls and of not being to legitimately have an Apple phone in my possession on their network. Things have sense changed for them in regards to access to Apple products but, I am still faithful to the Verizon brand. Because now that I am here, it doesn’t matter how much my bill is… I stay because my service is reliable and always on the cutting edge of technology. I started working for them one day after the General Manager asked me to apply for a job. I said yes, did it and the rest is her-story, or my story.

My goal is to take all that I have learned in this class and all of my other classes (both past and future) to help me gain the Marketing position that I want within Verizon. This is why I am here and this is why I am doing what I am doing.


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