Introduction of My Content Deliverable

Wow, so I’m totally excited to try and attempt to create content for Verizon. I used to run the social media page for my store, I say “used to” because I gave them my two week notice last week on Tuesday. You know how you tell a job I can work everyday but Saturday and they make you work Saturdays… well it happened to me and I’m not down for that. Especially when I told you in my cover letter, my interview, my job acceptance letter and I’m available Sunday – Monday 8am – 5pm. In my previous class, that I didn’t do so well in, I had to discuss a company (Verizon) and a problem (disgruntle employees) and figuring out how to solve it. I have to take that class again, and my take on it will be totally different. One of Verizon’s main goals is to have happy employees so that the employees can take care of the customers. Humph…

As I was saying before I got off tangent, I am excited to create content for Verizon because I was never allowed to create anything unless it came from corporate and even then, they didn’t want me posting anything and wouldn’t provide us with things that we could post. It was mostly filled with employees and their sales escapades. So this will be fun!

For my content deliverable, I am choosing the Bill insert.

Bill Review Campaign

I am choosing this deliverable because:

  1. It will be easier for me to execute for class as opposed to the infographic and the Social Media campaign.
  2. I love things that involve graphic design and the ability to use my tools that I rarely get to use.

Okay, now on to why I am choosing the deliverable for Verizon because that is who matters most, not me.

We will use a vibrantly designed bill review insert and a digital version for the website and social media channels, that will have a QR Code and an easy 4 digit text to number and text code for customers to use to ask for a review of their account. This will enable customers that are not on the the new Verizon Plan to see if they will save money by switching to a plan that fits their needs. Some clients are on unlimited plans but, if they are not using the data, the point in being on the plan is only benefiting them if they are actually using a lot of data. This bill insert campaign will also work for customers on the Verizon plan to see if they have any available upgrades or promotions that they might not know about as of yet.

There is only one thing that customers care about other than their service, and that’s thier bill… Having a cheaper bill allows them the capability to do more with their money. Most of the time when a customer comes in to the store. On average when we ask customers if they would like their accounts reviewed to see if they can save money they all answer yes. Not one has ever told me no. I am required to ask all service customers if they would like their accounts reviewed. I surveyed this data for an entire week and I always ended up either saving money for the customer, informing them of information they didn’t know and/or showing them new products that would fit their needs – which was also helping out the company with new gross gains and more. Putting the campaign on social media, the website and in their bill inserts/My Verizon account page will allow us to give them quick easy ways to get this information. In this world of fast food, everything has to be great, fast and easy.

This Bill Review Campaign will benefit the customers of Verizon across the board and that will in turn reinforce our core values of focusing outward on the customer and providing them great service and customer experiences.



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