Introduction of My Chosen Social Media Channels

Verizon customers are diverse in how they operate. Some of them  visit a store or call customer service to do everything. But, others may only go online to handle all of their business. While the rest of them just get their bill in the mail and send in a check. Whatever their choice, they still may not be aware of the new plans, devices and services that Verizon has. There is a need to reach those customers that aren’t aware about the message Verizon is trying to convey about switching to the new simpler plans. Verizon needs to reach each person wherever they are.

Distributing the information in a bold, fresh and easy way to numerous platforms for a long term period will ensure successful distribution of the content to all customer outlets. This will cure the majority if not all of the customer communication blocks. Maybe they don’t have their password and can never get through to a person, may they have a situation that disallows them to get into a store. Maybe their lives are so complex and busy that the last thing on their mind is to take the time out of their day to connect with a person. We have to cater to each situation differently instead of in the same manner in order to reach each customer archetype and demographic.

There are five specific channels that will be used for distribution of the Bill Review deliverable. Just using one is not going to work to reach the masses.

The first deliverable will be via an ad (Bill Insert) and the second will be a graphic on their My Verizon landing page after they sign in. Verizon will continue to display the information on the new plans by reusing content that already exists. There will be a need to reach out to other outlets to link them back to the website, store or calling in to customer service to reaffirm:

  1. The Verizon Credo of focusing outward on the customer and
  2. That Verizon is the Best wireless company

This will be done through social media with the third, fourth and fifth deliverables using: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Using these three channels will help Verizon to create content, establish a community and then engage with the community in conversation about the new plans. Social media is the place that people come to first to vent and display and express their dissatisfaction. Social media distribution will resonate with the demographic and get the message out about the new Verizon plans – and most importantly about the products and services offered by the brand.

Each channel will be using QR codes for email, text and direct callbacks to gain the focus of millennials, baby boomers and other generations.

Instagram will allow the capability to get human interactions and stories out using successful customer in-store interactions. This will give Verizon the capability to show the rest of the customer base a story with real life simple photographs, videos and a few words/hashtags directly from the customer. For Twitter, there will be tweets and hashtags and use of the QR codes – that will be used to get a follow by Verizon and get an appointment setup via direct message.

On Facebook, all deliverables will be displayed on rotation. This will allow the Verizon customer base to be able to see the ads, QR codes, read up on all of the pertinent information and join the community discussion.

Verizon has come a long way in the world of Wireless, developing into a Technology company that offers more than “just” wireless. But, focusing on the base of the brand is where Verizon will continue to grow and gain access to other industries that their current customer base invests in. By using the website, mailers, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reaffirm the Verizon Credo and that they are the Best out there there will be a continuous circle of conversion by linking the messages back to each specific channel over and over again. Completing a full life cycle of a successful marketing campaign and bringing it all back to the storefront via in store visit or via phone call connection to Customer Service.

Tuesday is my last day as an employee at Verizon (insert sad faces and tears here)… but, I will still be a customer, believer and brand evangelist for them… #VerizonIsGreat


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