Reflection On My Process

Wow! What a great experience this has been. I learned so much about myself this month. I’m such a perfectionist and I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to give my all this month with my assignments… in TWO classes.

But, I was wrong… My great organization and research skills came in handy to help me stay on task and find the information that I needed. I can definitely give myself a pat on the back for those two. I used to say my OCD was a bad thing but, this month it was great for me and helped immensely with making sure I had completed all of my tasks and assignments. I use to think my perfectionistic mindset was a bad thing too but, it helped me out this month with making sure what I turned in had excellent quality. I can definitely see how I improved in the areas or organization and completion this month and I will definitely keep that going forward. Those two things use to hold me back… all of the time. My imagination and solution skills are pretty great too. I’ll be able to use those as I finish my degree this year and in the future in business projects for work.

I thought I had so many challenges to face and overcome but, I only ended up having two: Myself and the abrupt schedule change I just had this week (but, for the entire month I held it down and got everything on time).

I wil say this, speaking with my instructor as soon as I saw the challenge was a great move on my part. If I had not done so I doubt that i would have made it out so well this month. She encouraged me by telling me that she had done it. I believe in listening to those that have gone before me and I listened to her and took all of her advice and I am seeing the proof of my efforts. I finished all the assignments for my 2nd class on yesterday and this class no today… and it’s not due until Sunday. I am ecstatic to be going into Spring Break to actually have a break (from school, the rest of my life still goes on). After failing my last class due to so much happening in that short month of February, I almost gave up on graduating. But, I am refocused and ready to go … this weeks break will also give me time to do something fun for myself like get a mani/pedi, get my hair done or just enjoy an entire bottle of wine while I catch up on my favorite shows.

The process of creating my final campaign just came together with the help of staying on top of each assignment. It was all there for me, all I had to do was -my best at each assignment- and completing my final was just as easy as me eating an entire jar of Talenti (Southern Butter Pecan) in one setting.

There are always things that a company can improve on if they look at the areas that they are failing (which means not excelling) in. In the same way, the solution to problems are also there and though they may be tedious or cause the need for a dedicated department, in the end the results will be amazing.


I definitely know and understand that I am still in the right place for my career and though I left my job this month, I know that the right opportunity will present itself and I will be ready to conquer and excel at it as I move forward into my career as an Internet marketer.

Wow, I’m so proud of myself. I don’t normally toot my own horn but, I rocked this month despite everything that happened.



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