My Web Design Experience

I started using HTML back when I was in the Air Force, but not for work originally. I wanted to customize my BlackPlanet page which was the equivalent to MySpace back in the day around 1998. I eventually became proficient with it and went from having to check my tags to see how to do what I wanted to do, to the point where I was able to type my tags from memory. I had an evaluation one day and my supervisor asked me what did I do outside of work since I was there from 10:45pm to 6:45 am and I said well I sleep mostly all day, and I told her once I get up I start working on my Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) for my BlackPlanet page, she laughed and was amazed that a young single woman would fill her day with HTML instead of Hot Single Males (HSM).

Opening my mouth and telling her of my skills was the best move I ever made. I was given the opportunity to transfer over to the Tyndall Air Force Base Web Masters office to work with Sergeant Bobby Womack as his apprentice as the Assistant Web Master. The crazy thing about this job was that I started to learn about Web Standards way back then in 2001. It was a mandate for all Military sites to be compatible with all of the Web Standards so it was his job to take a complete Base website with 87 different squadrons, where some had websites and some did not. it was my job to redesign those websites for each squadron that had one, and to design the websites for those that did not have one, even if they did not want one. I have had to work with the most difficult customers, and I have had to do alot of client control as most of the people they had me deal with where brand new Lieutenants who were fresh out of college, but that had the most computer knowledge and time available for the task. I learned alot of patience but, I also learned how to make my points heard and how to be stern and still being respectful and keeping my job at the same time. I had to make my Web master happy and each squadron.

I was sent to Dreamweaver classes with Macromedia, back before it was under Adobe, and learned how to use that program as well as the old Windows FrontPage software. I learned alot in my eight years on active duty and I credit those long nights at work (with nothing to do besides ensure the network stayed up, which was at 99.6%) to my HTML experience, as that is where it all started.

I got out in 2005 and since then, I have worked at Comcast Cable as a Tier III Customer Service Representative in the Technical Support office. Once I realized that I could not handle being promoted based on how long I was on the phone with the customer as opposed to solving the problem in order to get a raise, I then went on to teach clients how to use their printers via their computers for a company called Konica Minolta. I left there and went on to work at Weyerhaeuser as a Web Analyst and I helped them redesign their Intranet website. After that contract was complete I was unemployed for about six months and finally landed a job as the Web and Database manager for the City of Tacoma until they did company layoffs in October of 2009 and outsourced my job, it was a blessing in disguise as even though my title was Web and Database Manager, I ended up doing mostly Database Work and other projects, I love web design, helping people, and Social Media, so my goal is to find a position that will allow me to focus my skills and interests together into the career of my dreams.

I love to use WYSIWYG and templates. I designed my own website and a few others but for the most part my websites are all under construction. The main reason that I switched from the Online Web Design degree program at Full Sail University to the Online Internet Marketing degree program is because I found that doing code all day is not the life for me, and even though I feel I know HTML, I had a 1.8 GPA and that was my ticket out of there, I don’t want to hire someone that got a 1.8 in school, as they may not have gotten everything that they needed to help me with my web design for my company. And that’s exactly how I felt, stupid. So I decided that I needed the web design as I do love to do it, but that I also had other strong suites outside of Web Design like: Web Content Writing, Social Media Managing, and Consulting area. And I’m doing pretty good academically now (3.8), which is a reassurance to me that I made the right choice, and that’s the story on my web experience.

My Professional Biography

It’s said that we are the sum of our experiences, and Carmen Brantley-Payne applies that very philosophy to her work. From childhood she excelled in both mathematics and art. Despite the challenging environment she grew up in she went on to get her degree in engineering, become a Communications Journeyman in the US Air Force where she also developed her craft in web design. Since leaving the military she’s applied discipline and honesty to create a perfect balance of right brain/left brain approach to style, design and project execution expertise.
She tweets and texts more than she uses the phone and is a butterfly in the Social Media world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, to name a few. She continuously uses her own strategy of “The Four C’s to Social Marketing” to stay adept at using emerging media to build brand exposure, consumer awareness, and customer relationships and engage in reputation management.

As a High School student being raised by a single mother Carmen was nominated for both Best Smile and Best Personality, which speaks to her ability to be resourceful and positive in any situation. Her philosophy is that obstacles, challenges and hardships serve as the catalyst to growth, determination and success. This progressive mindset encourages her clients to move forward and become un-stuck. This includes working with women that have been compromised sexually and/or emotionally to change how they see themselves. As well as those in the Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion Industries.

Carmen’s focus has always been Information Technology until just recently when she felt the need to re-evaluate her skills and goals. After thorough evaluation of everything that she had been doing, was currently doing, and wanted to do in the future, the path led her straight to a career in the Entertainment Industry still but with a focus on Internet Marketing with her solid background of Information Technology backing her up and giving her a better foundation for her clients.

Carmen was self-employed as a Web & Social Media Relations Business Manager and Consultant for her company, The Vine, LLC. She has had the opportunity to work with music artists on major labels as well as indie labels.

Carmen was born in Orlando, raised in Tampa, moved all over the world while in the Air Force ended up in Washington state, met her husband (She is said to have been a groupie for drummers until she married one), had her daughter five years later, worked for the Government, a Technology company, started Acting, moved to Portland and is now currently acting locally and also works for Verizon Wireless part-time.


• Bachelor of Science – Studying Internet Marketing at Full Sail University – Finishing this year

• Certification – Media Communications at Full Sail University – 2014
• Bachelor of Science – Studied Information Technology at University of Phoenix- Database Management – Completed Core Coursework – 2006
• Associate of Arts – Information Technology from Community College of the Air Force – 2003 (Completed coursework at University of Maryland and through Military Training)
• Professional Certification – Electronics Engineering – Hillsborough Senior High – 1997


• Military
• Veteran
• Government
• Healthcare
• Pulp and Paper
• Telecommunications and Broadcasting
• Print and Imaging
• Hospitality and Concierge


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